Sony is hopeful that the Suggested Retail Price of PS3 may be due another drop at some point in the near future.

The console's 160GB model currently sells for 250, whilst the 320GB SKU carries a 285 tag.

And after Sonydropped the price of its PSP in the US last month, now SCEE UK boss Ray Maguire has hinted that the handheld's big brother might also be due a discount.

"PS3 has taken longer than PS2 to establish itself simply because of the cost of the product," he told the latest issue of OPM UK. "It's been a challenge for us to get the costs down over the years. The retail price has been more than we would have liked... Hopefully the price might still come down."

Maguire told OPM that PS3 has been built to be constantly "evolving" - which is "why we keep having upgrades".

Maguire added: "It gets adopted, then it gets redeveloped, so you keep on upgrading everything as you go along. I think that's part of its success and the longevity of it.

"I did think we were taking a big risk in PS3 by making it so heavy featured. As it turned out, I now think it was a stroke of genius, because it's given PS3 the ability to go on year after year."