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Thread: Next Generation Portable price revealed?

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    psp Next Generation Portable price revealed?

    The basic Next Generation Portable model will cost $250 and the 3G model $350, a Ubisoft survey suggests.
    Research firm Toluna conducted a survey asking consumers if they'd be happy to pay the asking price for Sony's PlayStation Portable successor this week on behalf of Assassin's Creed publisher Ubisoft.
    Kotaku reported the survey gauged purchase intent based on the expected price of the different NGP models.
    "The retail price of the Sony NGP is expected to be around $350," says the survey in reference to the premium model. It asks: "How likely would you be to purchase the Sony NGP now that you know this retail price?"
    Sony is yet to put an official price stamp on the powerful handheld, but told Eurogamer it will be "affordable". "I can't put a ballpark on it in terms of figures, but what I would say is that we will shoot for an affordable price that's appropriate for the handheld gaming space," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Andrew House told Eurogamer January. All NGP devices will have wi-fi capability; a separate SKU will have 3G.
    "So the user gets a choice," House explained. "Wi-fi is available wherever, which clearly is the most important aspect of connectivity and that connected experience; 3G will be a subset of that."

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    $100 more for the 3G access? + you'd probably need to sign up with a provider to actually get on the network.

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