Some more news from the Pandora Makers:

Some things in Pandora life are weird. Totally weird.
Like the new LCD cables.

We are all used to delays and deadlines that didn't work out.

It seems different with the new company who does the LCD cables (the new ones, way more robust and extensively tested that should NEVER cause a purple haze again).

The leadtime for the LCD cables was 6 weeks - so they should've been finished early until mid April.

However, they just called us today to tell us the cables will be ready within the next few days.
So we now have more than enough of the new cables to finish Batch 1 and start the first 1000 units of Batch 2.

We don't know yet though if the catastrophe in Japan will cause any delays with Batch 2... some parts (like ICs from Panasonic and TDK) are being used in both the Pandora and iControlPad - and they come from Japan.
The parts are ordered and according to the schedule from the distributor would've been there early April, so just ready for Batch 2.

With the current happenings in Japan, nobody knows what will happen right now. It will surely cause a major chaos in parts and electronic production.

But to be honest, if delaying Batch 2 by one or two months would help to reduce the suffering in Japan, we would gladly do so.
Sadly, it won't help... we can only pray for those people right now.

So of course we'll try to get everything ready ASAP, but right now, no one worldwide knows what will happen within the next few days