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Thread: Review: Quad Charging Port Station PS Move Navigation

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    ps3 Review: Quad Charging Port Station PS Move Navigation

    Quad Charging Port Station PS Move Navigation
    Manufacturer: PEGA
    Site: Buy from LighTake
    Price: $20.29

    Overview : Keep your PlayStation Move Controllers fully charged, and ready to use, while keeping everything organized in a small, elegant charging station. Since Sony PlayStation Move controllers (The Navigation Controller and the Motion Controller) have internal rechargeable batteries, operating this charging base is simple. Just stand the Move controllers vertically on the base. You can recharge your controllers, without having to plug cables into them, or your PlayStation 3 Console. This Charging Station is powered by an AC adapter, which means nothing will have to occupy a USB ports on your console in order to recharge all your gear.

    Features :

    • Brand New Quadruple Port Charging Station for PlayStation 3 Move Controllers
    • Compatible with PlayStation Move controllers
    • Charges both the Move navigation controller and Move motion controller on one easy to use base
    • Quickly charges the internal rechargeable batteries
    • Know when they are fully charged with the included LED Indicator light
    • Stylishly keeps your controllers Organized and out of the way while not in use
    • Powered by an included AC 100~240V adapter (US plug)

    Specifications :

    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions (L*W*T): 11.6 x 11.6 x 3.0 cm
    • Weight: 144.0g

    Package Included :

    • 1 x Quadruple Port Charging Station for PlayStation 3 Move Controllers
    • 1 x AC Charger

    Quality/Usability : To refresh and update the PlayStation 3 (and to compete), Sony released a controller similar to Nintendo's Wiimote and Nunchuk for the Wii known as the PlayStation Move and Navigation controllers. Like all wireless controllers, they operate on battery whether it be disposable or rechargeable. The most economical would be rechargeable. Wit the Move and Navigation controller, the batteries are not removable. They are built in to the controller. You can charge the controller via USB cable but that is a lot of USB cables (1 for each controller, up to 4). A better solution would be to use a charging station.

    The Quad Charging Port Station for the PS Move and Navigation controller does just that. It charges up to four controllers at one time. Each controller sites into their little charging port. The two front ports are for Navigation controllers and the two rear ports are for the Move controllers. You can charge each controller separately, charge them in pairs or charge all four of them at one time.

    The charging station is made of plastic. Compared to some other charging stations on the market, the station is sturdy but the plastic felt cheap. This isn't a bad thing as I expected it from PEGA but all that matters is that the product works and does what it's suppose to do...which it does. I was able to fully charge my controllers within 2 hours. When placed onto the station, there are LEDs for each port. This lets you know when the controller are charging. It would have been nice if the charging station discharged any remaining battery in the controller and performed a full charge.

    The Quad Charging Port Station comes with a AC power adapter (US). If you live in a different country, you will need a converter/adapter to fit your countries wall outlet. I like the fact that it does not require a USB port to get its power in order to charge the controllers.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Quad Charging Port Station PS Move Navigation does what it is suppose to do in charging the Move and Navigation controllers. The station plugs into a wall outlet but the station does not deplete any remaining battery before fully charging the controllers. I personally like to recondition my rechargeable batteries as this pro-longs the battery life whether it be camera, cellphone or any electronics. So in order to do so, I have to play until the battery are completely dead. It would of been a nice feature as I can stop playing when I want, station depletes any remaining battery and will begin to charge when its completely dead. Unfortunately, if you use any silicone skins for your Move controllers, you will have to take them off the controller or at least the bottom since it will not fit in the port.

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