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While even tho Graf_Chokolo been sent to the cleaners by Sony with them taking his PC and PS3 by force using the German police, and now being face with spending thousands in fighting their lawyers, he still been working in the background releasing new PS3 information to the public on his website blog!
which would allow you to use your PS3's hard drive in any other PS3 console.

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Guys, take a look at “ps3dm_sm set_del_def_encdec_key” command. You can disable/enable virtual FLASH/internal HDD encryption with that And by patching HV process 9 (which sets ATA keys before loading GameOS) you can disable it permanently. It means you could swap your internal HDD and use it on another PS3. But you have to restore the content on it after disabling encryption because all data will be encrypted of course.

Soon i will implement ENCDEC device driver for PS3 Linux and you will be able to experiment with ATA encryption. ENCDEC device is responsible for VFLASH/HDD encryption on PS3.

For more details, see my HV page here: Main Page - PS3 Development Wiki

And thanks to PS3 Linux fans who help me to test my ps3dm-utils Huge thanks to you guys. I can have fun with PS3 even without having one actually!

If you dare enough to jump from being a noobie to a PS3 developer, take a look at his amazing GIT and follow his decrypting logic and you make be able to make your PS3 accept any HDD without re-formatting!

ps3dm-utils GIT repository: git://

linux hv scripts GIT repository: git://

But remember if you are successful in flipping the switch OFF, you PS3 will ask still to reformat your existing HDD as all previously stored data on it was ENCRYPTED, but this still will be useful to have for those that own more then one PS3 and wish to swap HDD's between the two without going thru the pain of backing-up, reformatting, restoring each time, but again before ANY ONE ASKS, NO THIS WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO SWAP HDD'S BETWEEN A CFW AND OFW (stock/original) PS3, for like PSN access!

News Source: PS3 Internal HDD Decrypted – Graf_Chokolo - PS3Crunch (and) PS3 Development Page | graf_chokolo