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Remember all the talk that GBA files would never work on the DSi? Ichichfly has released an "emulator" that can run GBA Homebrew under 2MB on the DSi. The project is being developed for the Homebrew Bounty and a file is already available for download. While the project may stay a "proof of concept" it does indeed run GBA Homebrew (slowly) on the DSi.

This is an gba emulator for DS(i) it can run gba homebrew up to 2 MB very slow. No gui it just starts the rom

how to use:

put the gba homebrew as gba.gba on the SD and start the nds


r5 fix4

there are 2 nds inside arm9 is just the software mode slow but nearly no Graphic bugs the other (hwspeedup) is faster and can generate more frames but has graphic bugs (number of frames that are generated in hwspeedup every secound is always the same. In every homebrew)


fixed key detection
hwspeedup: fixed BG mode 3,4,5 but not good yet
hwspeedup: little speedup
hwspeedup: speedup by dmaCopy
hwspeedup: size decrease the nds is about 80KB smaller
hwspeedup: little menü for changing the fps that are generated not good yet


can load bigger gba roms in dsi mode (14.680.064) or with slot-2 ram (thanks Mbmax for testing)
can run commercial roms (beta)
ui to load gba and .sav (beta) (hope this work as it worked with nitro)
load saves (no save saving just the load funktion) (beta)


fix DSi mode (broken when there are to much files on the SD) but dec size to a little bit more than 14 MB
fix arm9
fix gba open (hope)


UI working now but not every time sometime crush alloc
ADD: show fps