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nesDS, the open source NES emulator currently being maintained by huiminghao, has been updated 0.45a. See the change log for what's new, and join the on-going discussion linked below for more information about this project.

QUOTE(Change Log 03/22/11)
  • avenir write a patch to nesDS, what's new? He said... QUOTE
    Extended the reset to "If not loaded from hbmenu/xenofile, returns DSi/3DS menu on DSi/3DS". stringsort() is now a wrapper for qsort(). extlink now accepts multibyte filename thanks to Unicode support. Directory listing is shown the same way as WinNT(8.3 lower case). <- If you name a file all lower case in 8.3... /nesDS.ini is used for configuration(minIni).

  • Add the shout-cuts for configuration.
  • Sound fixed.. better than 0.44b. Almost no noise(not the noise channel).
  • Sprite0y of 'per-scanline' fixed.
  • h-blank interrupt handler added, which was removed since 0.44b.
  • Some other changes.. No update for mappers.

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