Youtube user and all-around cool guy shantzg001 was kind enough to answer some of my questions about his recent project that resulted in the unholy union of Kinect and a PS3 over a youtube message. Here’s what was said:

How important is this? Do you believe it will lead anywhere?

- I am not sure what it will lead to because it can get a lot of suppression from official MS/Sony channels. But I’m not too worried about that as I believe in “Build it and they will come”
Are you still working on it or is it done as a proof of concept?

I’m indeed still working on it. The video was posted as a proof of concept (judging by all the negative comments on youtube, maybe a little too early. But I was excited with the work and didn’t really think that I should make it foolproof to make people believe ). I am pretty short on time generally because of my day job and family but I plan to dedicate my weekends to it. I’d be working on a lesser game this time though, more acquainted for gesture control..something like “Flower” may be.
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