Some news from Coldbird:

Today marks a very special day for all of us, I and Azn, a close friend of mine, have tested out my internal PRO-C online code prototype in private and it was a (although slightly buggy) success!
  • PDP Emulation now works properly and thus Adhoc Transmission over IP.
  • Group Management works mostly, some slight bugs were revealed as we tested it.
  • Trigger Schemata is now working! Finally no more polling! Network Speed / Latency Improvements!
Just a bit of tinkering here and there, and the first PDP based Adhoc Titles should be playable.
Before People start asking though… it will be quite some time before Killer Titles like Dissidia Duodecim and the likes will be supported, cause they make use of the full Adhoc Arsenal available, PDP, PTP, Matching, etc. however don’t worry, just because it will take longer to support those games doesn’t mean we aren’t working on it.
Now I can go to bed without worries for today, a nice feeling.
Good Night Readers, Greetings, Coldbird.
24. March: Issued some tests with friends of mine, ironed out group management problems and added user timeout values / keep alives to the server code, finally one can log out without the server crashing.
If no troublesome bugs pop up, we might be able to start a public test this weekend.