Okay, so as many people already know... I am not a fan of the Microsoft Xbox brand of consoles, though I have two.

But the real question goes like so:

Why are the only games in my Xbox/Xbox360 collection Halo (exclusive), Halo 2 (exclusive), Halo 3 (exclusive), Banjo Kazooie (Rare moved to Microsoft from Nintendo), Saints Row (it isn't on the PS3) and Shenmue II? (because it's different to the Dreamcast version).

I've tried to answer this question in my mind many times over, but I thought I would accept answers from people who aren't myself. Just so I know my answer of only having games available to the Xbox brand, when they aren't available to any other console (bar Shenmue II - which I own on the Dreamcast also) isn't such a silly answer.