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The Coder xerpi presents a new creation, PSP XManager, a file browser, which has several functions, such as a media player, image viewer, ability to move, delete, copy, rename files of our Memory Stick, and to extract data archives (zip), all in one application.

Author: xerpi.

  • Browser:
  • X: Enter a folder, play music file, open zip file or go back a directory.
  • Triangle: Open the menu of files. (The menu varies with the type of file it is)
  • O: Go to the previous directory.
  • Select: If you are the equalizer in the background, to return.
  • Start: Menu options.

  • Square: Expand / collapse menu equalizer.
  • Triangle: Display / folding time and title, artist, album and genre.
    Or: Exit the player.
  • Select: Go to the browser with the equalizer in the background.
  • Analog Pad: Resize / move the equalizer.
  • X: Change color.
  • L trigger: Play a song before.
  • R Trigger: Play a song later.

    Image Viewer:
  • Digital Pad: Change the image size.
  • Analog Pad: Move image.
    Or: Exit from the display.
  • Start: Reset image.
  • L Trigger: Display the previous image.