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The developer 5h4d0w back to update seplugins Manager , homebrew to run quickly and safely right plugin.
The ability to disable certain functions homebrew, now approaches the password protection.
Following download and changelog

Changelog and downloads:
.: Changelog:.
- Fixed a huge screw up (Actually it WORKS now).

Added built-in configuration editor
+ The editor is password-protected
+ The password is encrypted

The config file is now stored in "Flash3: /"
+ May Previous users delete "config.cfg" from the app directory

The color scheme is now stored in "theme.cfg" in the app directory

Fixed multiple bugs (Thanks everyone who Reported them!)
+ Introduced new bugs

The config file is saved separately from the texts plugin, saving will not save the other one
No, saving to "Flash3: /" will NOT brick your PSP. There is ZERO% chance of a brick.

Download Here