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Arm in arm with the CF 6:35 custum the coder neur0n also updated the Custom Firmware 6.37ME , now in version 7 make the same changes for version 6.35. What we're talking mainly of support for DOCUMENT.DAT PSX games and the management of plugin via VSH menu, in addition to various improvements.
A complete changelog and follow the link to download.

Changelog and install:
.: Changelog:. :
- Added support for custom DOCUMENT.DAT PS1 games
- Updated NidResolver.
- Added handling of the plugin through VSHMenu.
- Removed the option "Execute boot.bin" from RecoveryMenu.

. Installation:. :
- It 's necessary to have a CFW on your PSP or HEN (eg 5.00M33, 6.20TN, 6.35PRO)
- Copy the UPDATE folder into PSP / GAME
- Copy the fw 6.37, renamed 637.PBP in the UPDATE folder
- Start the application from the XMB

.: Features:. :
- When you press the while you turn the console, you will enter the Recovery Menu
- When you press the while you turn the console, the PSP will launch with the official firmware

NB: Please note that the 6.37ME can be installed only on PSP 2000 excluding TA-088v3

Download Here