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The coder plum back to update the plugin Bright , come now to version v0.3. The new release fixes a bug in the plugin at the start of the PSP that did not load properly and adds the ability to vary the brightness with keystrokes for intermediate values ​​than what you chose to set in the configuration file.
The plugin is compatible with CF 5.00 M33, 5.50 GEN-D3, 6.20 and 6.35 HEN TN-PRO

Installation and download:
.: Changelog:.
- That I know the intensity of the brightness of the top of the boot txt file correct Mistakes Had Been Wrong to describe the plug-in name

. Installation:.
1. Download the archive to view news
2. Unzip on your desktop
3. Copy the contents of the folder contained in the archive directly into the plugin folder dedicated to the PSP
4. Replace or modify files vsh.txt , game.txt and pops.txt according to the files in the archive (EF0 to replace ms0 in the case of PSP Go!).
5. In the file bright3.ini will be included in that percentage will correspond to each press of the brightness (some values ​​are already set in the ini file).
6. + + / increases / decreases the brightness of a unit

Download Here