Hey Guys! Long time no speak, I think about four years now! I was thinking, how cool would it be to make what I made on the PSP a few years back, on the 3DS, but wait for it... in 3D!

This would be beyond my knowledge, and too early on in the 3DS life span to achieve it at the moment. However, hear me out before you start shouting 'noob' at me.

People have talked about the likely hood of a 3D internet browser, which to me, would be sites such as Youtube and Facebook. (in an ideal world) But imagine webcam streams in 3D, how cool would that be!

Anyway, 3D or not 3D, I will have to inspect the browser, and what it can be capable of in the future. My goal is to keep it going without the need to install exploit software on the DS, cause that seems to be a lot more illegal now than when I was last about back in 2007

Anyway, I would love to hear back from people, and if anyone wants to join me in throwing ideas in, then please do! Will look forward to hearing from you!