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Dungeon Master was the first mouse driven 3d first person RPG -- it created the genre that is popular today. Eye of the Beholder was directly (and they had were proud of it) a clone (for the PC, while DM/CSB were originally for Atari ST and Amiga, and later PC.)

These run full screen or windowed on Pandora and, with the touchscreen acting as mouse (plus pandora specific keybindings to make it more convenient.)

The two games are included in the package; other dungeon packs can be gotten from around the net.

The history of CSB4Win project is the author disassembled the ST version, then rewrite it line by line directly to C, and then refactored for years to turn it into a piece of code you could follow; he also extended it, to allow the engine more space to work in, do video recording for speedruns, and so on. Once the file format of the dungeons was cracked open, editors appeared and you can get many dozen of new dungeons to play through, including some all new game 'total conversions'; theres really a lot to chew on here!

The pandora port was done by a fine lad over in the dmweb forum, and he's worked very hard on this .. had to rewrite the audio routines and he's been busting bugs in the main engine and so on. I didn't do anything here beyond moral support, so all kudos are to him
Get it here:

Feel free to pop it into dl.openhandhelds, but it may not be appropriate for app-store.

Legal: The original game developers (FTL) of DM/CSB have very kindly turned their eye for projects like this; they've emailed that distributing files for free and fan service is okay, but they aren't officially allowed to say anything, nor is anythign commercial anywhere near permitted. Hence, the original games are in this package, but its a little grey. Head over to the DMWeb site to nab dozens of other dungeon packs you can drop into the appdata to enable. (Those are not included, since explicit licensing from the dungeon creator, or if they re-used artwork etc, is unknown, so that wouldn't be kocher to include in the package.)

Enjoy.. this is one of the greats