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Thread: Pictures of XCM's new Multi-Charger Plus

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    Home/News Pictures of XCM's new Multi-Charger Plus

    Having posted an exclusive video teaser of XCM's new Multi-Charger Plus a couple days ago, we now have exclusive pics of the Multi-Charger Plus. It definitely looks great. What do you think?

    XCM Multi-Charger Plus can be used on the following:
    • PS3™ Move and Navigation controllers (2 sets)
    • PS3™ DualShock and Sixaxis controllers
    • PSP™ series (1000-3000 series and PSP™ Go)
    • iPhone™ series (iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4)
    • iPad™ series (iPad™ and iPad 2™)
    • NDS™ series (DS, DS Lite, DSi and 3DS)
    • Xbox 360™ controllers
    • and all devices that supports a 5v USB input such as Android devices (phones/tablets), Blackberry™, iPod™, mobile devices, MP3 players and many more!

    Play-Asia and Amazon will be selling it in the next few days. If you have no need for the PS3 Move dock stations, the original 4 USB port XCM Multi-Charger (review) is available. The Multi-Charger plugs into the wall and can be purchased from Play-Asia and Amazon.

    We'll definitely have a full review soon.
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    I swear to god if I get banned.....
    lol **** sonys licensed bull$#@!
    I want to sell my ps3 anyway

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