In late January, Nintendo of Japan launched a teaser site for "Pandora's Tower," a (total) mystery Wii game said to be near completion -- no kidding! The site was updated today with a trailer (which has also been released on the Wii's "Everyone's Nintendo Channel" in Japan), revealing a release date of May 26, 2011. See for yourself after the break.

So, what is Pandora's Tower? According to a preview in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu(via Andriasang), this straightforward-looking if not melodramatic action RPG assigns the young hero, Ende, with the absolutely morbid task of de-fleshing enough beasts to end a curse suffered by the lovely singer Ceres -- who's supposed to be gracing the harvest festival! Ende must butcher these foul creatures (in a colorful cartoon-style suitable for ages 15 and up) throughout a series of twelve towers before the curse consumes Ceres.

Pandora's Tower has been developed by Ganbarion, best known for its pair of Jump StarsDS fighting games in Japan