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Thread: Sony 'continuing production of PSP Go' in America

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    psp Sony 'continuing production of PSP Go' in America

    via Joystiq

    Japan and Europe may be finished with the PSP Go, but SCEA says it's not done with the downloadable-only handheld device.

    Following up with Sony of America for clarification after recent events, we wanted to know if the company was still manufacturing and shipping the handheld. Today we were told: "We are continuing production of PSP Go for North America."

    Several weeks ago, Sony informed Joystiq, "We are going to continue to make shipments of PSP Go," after Amazon updated the PSP Go's product page to note the device was "discontinued by manufacturer."

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    This is the kind of thing that killed Sega as a console manufacturer. Sega Japan wanted 1 thing while Sega America wanted something completely different so they compromised with something hardly anyone wanted, to me this is why Sony's making so many obviously monumentally stupid ideas, SCEA knows completely well the Psp Go was nothing but a failed experiment but they always have this history of NEVER admitting mistakes, and the Go will go down in history as 1 of their biggest, and holding on to this thing just makes them look even more out of touch of gamers than ever.

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    More likely, Sony still has a warehouse full of parts.
    Better to assemble the units they can, and let Walmart get stuck with them, than to have to write-off all of the components.

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