Despite a release window of "early" this year, Razer wasn't quite able to ship its Hydra motion gaming controller alongside Portal 2 this week. Instead, interested parties will be able to pre-order the $140 package this May ahead of a projected June ship date.

Wait, $140? We were told Razer was targeting a sub-$100 price point. That boosted price is for the Portal 2 bundle which includes (get this!) a copy of Portal 2! But this isn't your off-the-digital-shelf Portal 2; this version includes the Sixense MotionPack DLC featuring "six additional levels specifically designed for more portal testing fun with motion control," developed by Sixense.

Of course, any PC gamer worth his water cooler will have already purchased Portal 2 by then; luckily, the Hydra "is optimized with over 125 popular PC games out of the box," including Left 4 Dead 2 (melee weapons!) and World of Goo (think Wiimote). We've reached out to Razer to find out when a non-bundled option will be available and to see if it can share that list of 125 games with us. C'mon, FreeCell ...

If you want to read more about the rather impressive Hydra, look no further than our CES impressions.