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Thread: Tutorial - How To Change and Bypass Region Lock of Your PS3 Blu-ray Drive

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    ps3 Tutorial - How To Change and Bypass Region Lock of Your PS3 Blu-ray Drive

    Have you ever wanted to watch Blu-Ray movies from a different country but wasn't able to due to region lock? KureKure, from PS3News has found a way to bypass the Blu-Ray movie region restrictions. He has created three different patches for the LV2 Patcher app, which allow you to select either region A, B, or C as well as a helpful tutorial on how-to get pass this last block remaining on your Jailbroken PS3 console:

    ever since the first ps3 jb was out i was hoping for a region patcher so i can watch all the blu ray discs i own no matter if region a/b/c and nobody ever knew how...

    after lotsa research and checking around i present to you 3 patch*.txt files for lv2 patcher!

    just copy the files into: /dev_hdd0/game/LV2000000/USRDIR

    and the next time you start lv2 patcher you will have 3 new patches to choose from (region a/b/c)

    once you patch you don't have to restart your ps3, it works right away! if you restart your ps3 the bd region is set to standard again

    tested & working for me on pal cechcxx machine with 3.55cfw (rebug & kmeaw) using kmeaw's lv2 patcher v9!

    this only works for blu ray and nothing else, for dvd the old xregistry trick applies...

    i didn't code anything, just collected and tested, sources for this can be found here:

    thanks a million times to everyone involved, this now makes the ps3 the best bd player for that prize range!

    You can download the patches and LV2 Patcher from the link below.

    Download: blu-ray_region_patches_and_lv2patcher.rar (722.37 KB)

    Incase the link goes down or you're unable to download from the link, we've also attached the 3 patches for LV2 and below is the link to the latest v9 LV2 Patcher.

    Download: LV2 Patcher v9 (via) Dashhacks (720.36 KB)

    Source: PSX-Scene and PSGroove via PS3News
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    omg can we get a new link plz?? multiupload is dead!!!! HELP!!!!!

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