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A few months ago, Sony sued a security researcher, George Hotz, for jailbreaking the PS3.
At some point, the group Anonymous even started protesting against Sony, both in the digital world and in real life.
We all have our opinion on this story, but it seems this lawsuit didn’t help Sony’s image. A while ago, I asked you if you were going to boycott Sony’s products, and the results are in. As I type this, 36% of the voters said they won’t boycott Sony, 35% said they will boycott Sony, and 30% said they would buy “less” Sony products [than they would have if this lawsuit hadn't happened]. Overall, this means that Sony now has a bad image as a company for 64% of the voters. Way to go, Sony, I’m sure your marketing department has a few words to say to your legal department
Now, /Talk is just a small forum, and our members probably don’t represent the average customer’s opinion… or do they? This blog is of course biased, and the majority of my readers probably don’t represent the average Sony customer population. But the same way movie downloaders are also the ones that buy the most Blu-rays, I believe that people who hang out on a technical forum such as /talk are probably the people who will shape the future of device purchases…