Following speculation earlier this week, SEGA has officially taken the lid off a Shinobi revival destined for 3DS this September.

Developed by Gryptonite Games, it's a 2.5D platformer that tells the story of Jiro Musashi, the leader of the Oboro clan and father of Joe Musashi, the protagonist of the first Shinobi game.

You'll need to get the hang of a brand new combo system, master melee, ranged and acrobatic attacks, and also use ninja magic to get Jiro out of tight spots.

"For years the fans have been asking for a new Shinobi," commented SEGA marketing exec Gary Knight. "With Shinobi on Nintendo 3DS we are able to answer their prayers and bring this legendary series to the next level."

Here's hoping it's a step up from the long-running action franchise's last outing the PlayStation 2's woeful Nightshade.