While Sony is busy welcoming its customers back to PlayStation Network, some aren't celebrating just yet. Speaking to IndustryGamers, security expert Gregory Evans said that PSN still isn't safe because Sony is "relying on the wrong people to secure their system." Specifically, Evans believes that Sony (and most companies) use "IT managers" instead of true security experts or, to put it a different way, hackers.

IT managers, in Evans' estimation are "just book-smart people who went out and read a book and passed the test." He likened them to military infantry, trained only in basic skills, whereas hackers are more like highly skilled Navy SEALS.

Evans would seem to be something of an expert on the subject ... having been to federal prison for hacking major companies like AT&T, Sprint and Worldcom. Evans now runs a security company, helping companies build more secure networks. Sony isn't a special case, however, as Evans noted that any online-capable gaming console is potentially at risk and no network is completely secure. He added further that "these attacks will continue to happen." So, happy gaming, everyone!