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    Default FastGAME v1.0

    News via

    New game from our homebrew fade94boss. The Italian developer fond of "speed" became deeply involved in creating FastGAME, game as suggested by the same title will see us working to improve our times each game.

    The purpose of FastGAME need is quite simple in fact, after selecting a button, press it as many times as possible before time runs out. The gameplay is very reminiscent games like Track & Field , or the most recent sessions of resistance to torture series Metal Gear Solid , that so many buttons circle began in early retirement.
    The purpose of FastGAME is quite different since the ultimate goal is to improve their times for each key. It would indeed be available in our performance charts for each button on the PSP (except the ignition of course).
    Following the download and the photo gallery.
    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
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