E3 2011 is upon us, and you know what that means, a heaping helping of new gaming gear from Nyko. Zoom for Kinect is a set of clip-on specs that lets you get 40 percent closer to the sensor bar with no loss of function -- so the studio apartment set can get in on the gesture gaming craze. Nyko's Play Clock is a charging dock for Nintendo's 3DS that doubles as an alarm clock, because you always wanted to turn your 3DS into an alarm clock. Nintendo's new handheld could definitely use some longer battery life, however, so the company's also rolling out three new extended battery packs for the 3DS. There's the Shock n' Rock that brings thrice the juice, "added vibration feedback," and four speakers to your personal gaming party, while the Power Grip is an ergonomic external battery that also triples the 3DS' battery life. Lastly, the Game Boost battery simply snaps on for an extra hour or two of gameplay. Prices and availability remain unsaid, but there's eye candy in the gallery below and PR's after the break.