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Thread: Review: XCM Multi-Charger Plus

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    Reviews Review: XCM Multi-Charger Plus

    XCM Multi-Charger Plus
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia / Buy from Amazon
    Price: $64.95

    Overview : Unlike another brand of multi-charger, XCM Multi-Charger Plus is compatible with PS3™ controllers, PlayStation Move controllers, Sony PSP™ Slim & Lite, PSP™, PSP™ Go, Xbox 360™ controllers, NDS™, NDS™ Lite, NDSi™, Nintendo 3DS™, iPad™, iPad 2™, iPhone™ 3G, iPhone™ 3GS, iPhone™ 4 and many other USB devices.

    Features :
    • PlayStation Move and Navigation controller charging ports
    • 4 USB ports
    • Supports any USB 5v input

    XCM Multi-Charger Plus can be used on the following :
    • PS3™ Move and Navigation controllers (2 sets)
    • PS3™ DualShock and Sixaxis controllers
    • PSP™ series (1000-3000 series and PSP™ Go)
    • iPhone™ series (iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4)
    • iPad™ series (iPad™ and iPad 2™)
    • NDS™ series (DS, DS Lite, DSi and 3DS)
    • Xbox 360™ controllers
    • and all devices that supports a 5v USB input such as Android devices (phones/tablets), Blackberry™, iPod™, mobile devices, MP3 players and many more!

    Includes :
    • PSP Slim/Go USB cable
    • DS Lite/DSi USB cable
    • 3DS USB Cable
    • iPod/iPad/iPhone USB Cable
    • US/Mexico/Canada AC plug
    • UK AC Plug
    • Australia/New Zealand AC Plug
    • Asia/Europe AC Plug

    Quality/Usability : XCM Multi-Charger Plus is an update to XCM's popular Multi-Charger. I was a huge fan of the original multi-charger and used it everyday. Finding an available USB plug or without having to turn on a computer can be hard and $#@!bersome. Especially when you have other electronic devices that uses USB ports to charge.

    The back has a port to plug in the AC 100-240v cable. The front contains four USB ports...the same amount found on its predecessor. But what makes this different from the original is that on the top of the charger, there are four round ports. These four ports allows you to insert two PlayStation Move controllers and two PlayStation Move Navigation controllers. Each port has its own LED. LED turns red when its charging and green when its completely charged. The base also lights up with a blue LED accent. What's also cool is that the rim around the PlayStation Move ports also light up blue.

    Charging USB devices takes about the same if you were to charge them through the wall with a normal USB cable or its original AC adapter.

    The Multi-Charger Plus measures 7.5" inches (L) x 1.75" inches (H) and about 4.5" inches (D). Just like the Multi-Charger, included are four AC plugs (Europe/Asia, USA/Mexico/Canda, Australia/New Zealand, UK). The plugs are short in length so you will not be able to place it on a table or next to your computer. Wires measure about 16 inches long from tip of plug that inserts into XCM Multi-Charger Plus to the base of AC plug (not the prongs). Also included are four USB charging cables (iPod/iPad/iPhone, PSP, NDS, 3DS). You do not have to use the included cables if you already have USB cables that came with the devices. I highly suggest using what you already have.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM Multi-Charger Plus worked great! I was glad that XCM still included the four USB ports with the ability to charge PlayStation Move controllers. However, the length of the AC power cable is still short. If you want to use the XCM Multi-Charger Plus, you'll have to keep it on the ground and very very close to the wall outlet unless you have it connected to an extension cord. This was one of my pet-peeves and XCM has disappointed me. The price point is also about the same as the original and is a bit high. Two of the highly used USB ports, micro and mini USB is not included. It would of been nice if they included these since its used on cellphones and PS3/Xbox 360 controllers.

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