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GameBoy Online is a Game Boy and GameBoy Color emulator written in Javascript. It strives to be efficient and try to have a perfect compatibility. Currently the execution speed is not optimal even on browsers. For example on Chrome, which is nevertheless deemed to run Javascript faster on a PC running Windows 7 64-bit version with a double heart 2 CPUs at 2.2 GHz, games run at normal speed but almost skipping some frames.

The sound production is still experimental and rather poor quality. The video portion is by HTML5 or by creating images with BMP string URI. State backups are implemented using the object window.localStorage and are serialized / deserialized JSON. Ditto for backup SRAM.

Recent Changes:
- Update the HDMA.
- Update XAudioJS.
- Update the manifest.
- Removed support WebGL-2D, which gave the wrong things. Remove file WebGL js-2D.
- Update function resampling.
- Fixed XAudioServer.
- Added a workaround for the crappy state of the sound that exists in Flash.
- Experimental support flash.
- Cleaning the opcode HALT.
- Remove the encapsulation of Try / Catch of the main loop of the interpreter puiqu'elle became useless because of the new code management opcode HALT.
- Remove unused variable.
- Relocation of the order of checking IRQs.
- Audits of IRQ now run after GDMA and CGB HDMA-specific.
- Small optimization of management of the opcode HALT.