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Thread: Sony answers more PlayStation Vita questions: no to video output

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    Default Sony answers more PlayStation Vita questions: no to video output

    We heard earlier at E3 that the PlayStation Vita might be able to do video output via the multiport on the bottom of the handheld, but it's now looking like that won't be the case -- at least according to the official FAQ that Sony has made available. In slightly better news, however, Sony exec Michael Denny said today that, to the best of his knowledge, the PS Vita will indeed be region-free just like the PS3. Otherwise, Sony hasn't provided much more in the way of surprises, but it looks like it is at least leaving the door open to helping folks bring their UMD-bound games with them to the new handheld. While it's ruled out a UMD reader of any sort, Sony says that it will "consider every possibility for support on bought UMD games," although it has nothing to announce at this time. Check out the complete FAQ at the source link below.

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    They're waiting on the PS Vita 2000 for video out, but you'll lose the IR port.

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