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    Default Xplora v2.05

    news via

    The developer ne0h again Xplora v2.0 update bringing it to version 2.05, a convenient alternative to the XMB shell of the house to install on our Sony PSP equipped with CF and will allow us to have a more clear and appropriate for the content of your Memory Stick.

    Xplora 2 includes an image viewer, a media player, a text editor, a PMF player, allows you to read ZIP archive, back up your UMD games and easily launch applications, manage plugins, and more. The entire project was completed in the C language to ensure the best performance. The version 2.05 adds two new languages, fixes some bugs that plagued the browser, the file manager and some of its functions, adds support for 7z files and includes a review of some applications of the shell.
    Currently the list of compatibility of the new shell are excluded PSP Go While everything has been successfully tested on CF from 4:01 onwards.
    For more information please consult the source (developer blog)

    [Additional Information: ChangeLog functions and download]

    .: Changelog:.
    - German translation updated
    - Browser upload patch directories
    - File operations menu bugfixed
    - Minor bugfixes Gui Manager
    - Debug apps added to the website
    - Polish translation added
    - Revised the Application Manager
    - Added a new setup manager to install updates
    - Added 7z format to the Archive Manager
    - FileMgr Bugfixes:
    - Copy function
    - Delete function

    .: Features:.
    - Desktop
    - Image Viewer -> (JPG, BMP and PNG files are supported)
    - Music Player -> (MP3 and OGG formats supported)
    - Text Editor
    - Arc Manager -> (ZIP files are supported)
    - PMF Player -> (PMF Every file is supported)
    - Homebrew Sorter
    - Games & Applications
    - UMD Dumper
    - Nand Dumper
    - Plugins Manager
    - Internet & Home Xplora

    .: Compatibility:.
    SI: x000 PSP with CF 4.01 or higher
    SI: PSP with CF 6.xx ME
    NO: Go PSP

    download and give feedback via comments ...
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