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Thread: Sony PlayStation Vita's removable memory looks like it's an SD card, but it isn't

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    Default Sony PlayStation Vita's removable memory looks like it's an SD card, but it isn't

    Sony's seen fit to tell us many of the PlayStation Vita's specs, how much it'll cost ($249 for WiFi, $299 for 3G), and who gets it (everyone). Amidst all the hullabaloo at E3 2011, however, we missed seeing that Sony was showing off the new handheld's internal memory cards. Good thing an eagle-eyed member of the public snapped a pic of the 4, 8, 16, and 32GB cards on the show floor. They look awfully similar to garden variety SD cards, only there's a little notch in the side confirming they hew to Sony's unfortunate habit of using proprietary storage formats. The cost of the cards remains shrouded in secrecy, but life's more fun when a little mystery's involved, right?

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    First of all, glad to see the site back to how it was
    and second, hope these cards wont be that much expensive or if they are I hope someone will make a nice adapter so we can use standard microsds, still, I'm not getting less than 32GB on this thing, no matter the cost LOL.

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    Awww now come on Sony no one likes proprietory memory formats, i would say they should have learned their lesson from the almost dead Memory Stick format, but of course this is Sony and lessons have to be hammered in with a 50kg anvil. But maybe this new format includes some kind of writable partition as an extra layer of security to stop piracy? clever idea if it is but still dumb as Hell when no one wants memory cards that only work in 1 device anymore.

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