Here are the results earlier than expected Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition 2011.

1er - Mr .Sitwell in Turbo WC Magical Adventure par Garrote (Espagne)
2ème - Project Panic par Morukutsu (France)
3ème - Toy Wars Wii par davidgf (Espagne)
4ème - Cherophobe par ThatOtherPerson (Canada)
5ème - SpaceShip Omega par EvilTroopa (France)
6ème - Piirates par sebskater29 (France)
7ème - Pong Breaker par Kyah (france)
8ème - Hero City par ThatOtherPerson (Canada)
9ème - Light Cycle 3D Wii par the_leg (USA)
10ème - Newo Puzzle par Owen (Jamaïque)
11ème - Cylinder Dodge par ThatOtherPerson (Canada)

The quality was the appointment this year, it was very difficult to decide, I let you discover the details of the notes on the topic dedicated => viewtopic.php? f = 141 & t = 13587 I invite Garrote , Morukutsu and davidgf me communicate via MP, mailing address and davidgf only his paypal account. Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to everyone for all these quality projects.