People who dedicate a significant portion of their lives to the honorable art of capturing and training Pokemon deserve some recognition and, this summer, they're getting it. The 2011 Pokemon Black and Pokemon White Video Game Championship just completed its Regional Tournaments, and the kingdom's most powerful trainers have revealed some strategies regarding their noble creatures, as compiled by IGN.

Hydreigon, a Dark/Dragon Pokemon with three pairs of wings and a vicious cry, was the clear champion at Regionals, helping compose 53 percent of winning teams. Dark and Grass Pokemon made up 15 percent each of the most-used primary types, while Steel took a low 1 percent. Trainers used Protect for 14 percent of their moves, a clear majority when compared to the next-highest move, Rock Slide, at only 5.5 percent. For some pretty pictures to go along with the stats and a list of Regional winners, take a peek at IGN's post. National Championships run July 8-10 in Indianapolis, Indiana, because that's where heroes are made.