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During this past week I haven't worked much on DSx86 or DS2x86. The two main reasons for that were the broken NAS server machine, and the heat wave we have been having. The broken NAS server meant that I had to spend some time building and setting up the new machine, and the heat wave in turn makes me want to do other things besides programming. :-)

I got the parts for the new NAS server on Friday, and I got the machine running on the Friday evening. Somewhat surprisingly, everything worked on the first try! I did not have to do much troubleshooting, which usually always happens when building a new PC. All of Saturday then went to configuring and setting up the machine, as I also added a new disk so that I now have two RAID arrays on it. Today I have been moving various files around on the disks, so that each partition has some free space for future needs.

The weather is supposed to be getting somewhat cooler for the next week, so I plan to continue working on DSx86 and DS2x86 then. My summer vacation begins tomorrow, so I should have more time to work on my projects in the next four weeks. I usually come up with some additional projects during my summer vacation, so I might not spend all my time working on my emulators.

Pretty much the only thing for DSx86 that I have done during the past week is downloading a few more misbehaving games, and doing some preliminary tests with them. I have not yet figured out how I could fix the audio problems in DS2x86, so I will probably work on the misbehaving games until I get some fresh ideas.

That's it for this short situation report, hopefully next weekend I have something more relevant to report!