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GameBoy-Online is a Game Boy emulator which runs in the browser as a HTML5/JavaScript application. It is written by Grant Galitz and open source.

Fixing a regression.

Small optimization.

Some cleanup, plus edited out the unneeded portion of the GBC boot ROM array. Split the ROM loading into two parts: the ROM binary decoding + ROM memory mapping and the cartridge specialization.

Changing some division ops to bit shift for optimization.

Reordering some statements for most likely to be evaluated first.

Palette storage system updated from a one dimensional array system to a two dimensional one where appplicable (Done for less recomputing of the offsets of the palette indices.).

Pre-setting the bitmask flags onto the palettes themselves instead of adding them in the render path directly.

Blocking unnecessary computations on sprite sub-palette 0 changes.

Reverting the palette storage change.