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Thread: BrainBoxer, Kingdom of War PSP & Localizer

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    Default BrainBoxer, Kingdom of War PSP & Localizer

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    Even more homebrew worth checkin’ out: ASKidwai’s BrainBoxer, UnlimitedX’s Kingdom of War PSP and Draan’s Localizer. What’s what? Read on…

    BrainBoxer, if you missed our previous coverage, is a game from ASKidwai that tests your knowledge through diverse, random questions. This latest and final version includes two-player support and adds the ability to jam your own tunes while exercising that brain of yours.

    Kingdom of War PSP is a Warcraft-inspired game from UnlimitedX. Pick your character class and set out on your RPG/MMO adventure. Yeah, I said MMO — KOW PSP is online! And KOW is a PSP Genesis entry too. So if you like it — vote for it.

    qanuippisi? qanuinngittunga. That’s Inuktitut — a language not officially supported by Sony and the PSP. But if you know your Inuktitut you can translate the XMB yourself using Draan’s Localizer. Localizer v1.1 r4 supports all the latest custom firmwares and homebrew enablers.

    Download and Give feedback Via Comments
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