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    Default Minecraft DS

    News via

    Smealum embarked on the adaptation of the famous 3D Minecraft for the Nintendo DS, " DS Minecraft ". The adaptation is in its infancy, but a PoC (Proof of concept) is online.

    What's done so far?
    Basically What I Have Right Now Is A basic version of Classic with no saving capabilities; That means:
    - Ability to add and remove blocks
    - basic terrain generation
    - map streaming from file, Meaning really big maps Can Be used ( 1024x1024 maps are fully playable) ... and that's pretty much it at the moment. Of course There 's other basic stuff like that's Been Implemented collisions, purpose that's not much of a feature now is it? What HAS yet to Be Done Tons of stuff. As I've Said Previously, my primary goal to get Here Is a basic but playable version of Minecraft Classic to run on the DS. However, this only Will Be The first milestone, as that's done ounces (if I ever do get it done tongue.gif) I'll be moving on to getting a basic working version of survival. I'm still not sure whether the DS Can really handle all at once That stuff, I'll try goal. smile.gif What I'm working on right now At the moment I'm Trying to Make an Actual level generator. The Field You Can See in the screenshots generated with TestCode Were All So They do not really what I'm going for Reflect. Basically What I'd like to get first DO IS mountains to look less like Aztec pyramids and find a way to generate cellar nicely. After That, the big thing I'll be doing IS saving add support. That's a tricky one as I'm now pretty sure writing data in real time Without Any Slowdown IS HAVING Almost impossible ... So yeah, still thinking about That. Doing a global save Every X Amount of time Would not Be really hard, I would not want it aims to get in the player's way, so I'm still thinking about it.

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