In anticipation to the upcoming release from c4e about 0225 we have added features to the Lizard firmware, as you might be aware currently you can read keys from 0225 drives but by security reasons the Toolbox dont create the dummy file. All this will be sorted with the upcoming release for both, the Gecko and the Toolbox.

Also we are proud to announce the official release of the 3rd Generation of Xtractor 3 power unit, simply its the best Xtractor ever, join us and discover why Maximus tools are the tool of choice of the professionals.

Base Functionality :
* Supplies Power to 360 DVD Drives including Eject function or all drives
* Compatible with All Xbox 360 DVD Drives (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq, including all Phat and Slim Lite-on drives
* Selectable Mode-B for Hitachi Drives
* Power Protection Circuit
* Power LED/Flash mode LED/USB visual activity LED
* Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and MS-DOS (power)
* Electrically Safe, operate in the voltages required for the DVD Drive
* 100% Upgradeable onboard Firmware
* Take power from a Molex plug of your PC or any Molex device (like molext)

New Features on XT3:
* Safe and Sexy design now with Plastic Case
* Automatic Power Cycle with a Single button Press
* Automatic Half Tray with a single button press
* New and improved main power controller.
* Onboard Firmware Updateable via USB
* Drive connector cable with color indication for proper installation
* Support Power from USB supply (500 ma minimum required) !
* Battery Power Optional
* 3 user programable buttons for up to 6 different programable actions

Visit the official Website here: