Sega has delayed 3DS games Shinobi and Crush3D, according to reports.

Sega Mag says Shinobi's release has been pushed from September to November 15, and that Crush3d, previously due for release on September 9, will now launch in early 2012.

Speaking to this week, Paul Mottram, studio head of Crush3D developer Zoe Mode, suggested the game had been delayed because of concerns over the 3DS' impact at retail.

"It used to be that ten years ago, it was PS2," he said. "So you'd just do PS2 and then maybe some others. But now we're finding that everyone is not knowing what platform is going to succeed - we did our first 3DS title - we got Crush onto that, but we had to delay the release of that because of the success of the platform."

We've emailed Sega for comment.