PlayStation players have donated more than 129.7 million yen (over 1.01m) to Sony's Japanese earthquake appeal.

Thousands of gamers answered Sony's call for support following the devastating natural disaster in Japan earlier this year.

North American PSN users raised 260,955, those in Europe and PAL territories stumped up 538,122, while Asian countries other than Japan coughed up 16,673. Japanese gamers themselves put down 181,751.

The money is being donated to organisations in each region already supporting relief and recovery efforts in earthquake and tsunami hit areas. Beneficiaries include the American Red Cross, the British Red Cross for Europe and the Red Feather Community Chest Movement for Japan and Asia.

PSN users who donated have now been given several unique PS3 themes as a reward for their efforts.

Sony itself initially donated 300m yen (2.34m), a figure matched by Nintendo. Sega, Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei were among other companies to make sizable contributions.