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Thread: DCEmu News - Registering and Lost Passwords Fixed

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    Default DCEmu News - Registering and Lost Passwords Fixed

    Hi all its been too long but the hacking of the site a few months ago made us update security features and to the latest version of vbulletin.

    One of the downsides was a massive loss of positions in Google which is one reason for the bringing back of all the DCEmu Network sites whilst keeping the new DCEmu CMS system..

    But also since then no one has been able to register and even get their lost passwords back.

    finally last night Martin traced the bug that caused this and that side of the site is now working properly again, thank god.

    Ill be sending an August newsletter out detailing all the recent news and fixes on DCEmu in the next few days.

    This weekend im hoping to bring back the remaining sites inc the coders sites and open new ones covering PSvita, 3DS, WiiU.

    Thanks for now.

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    In your newsletter you asked us to tell you what we'd like you to bring back. How about RSS feeds?

    I found the RSS link from the old main site, but it claims to be "Gaming & forums", which is mostly Android related. Android is great, I'd like to see more Android homebrew stuff (that feed's last post was May 11), but I'd also like a feed for Wii homebrew, a feed for (someday) 3DS homebrew, Linux emulation if that site ever comes back, etc.

    Whatever sites you bring back, RSS is pretty important. Speaking for myself, I follow literally hundreds of sites and that's the only way I can keep up. I know the forum itself has an RSS feed, but the forum's feed has stuff like Chinese credit card spam (the latest item as I post this) which is hard to avoid in forums.

    Thanks for bringing the site back.

    Edit: paragraphs were out of order

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