We are proud to announce the release of Gecko 1.16 we have done tons of internal changes on it but the most important are 2 new features:

Support for a new Tool in the Maximus product range: Trident MX. This small tool will make a unlocking of the Slim Liteon with Macronix SPI a breeze. (Compatible with Lizard and JungleFlasher)

Also included is a new awesome feature: The Full Dump of Slim Lite-on DG-16D4S. (Full credit of this goes to Geremia for the tarablinda application). Due to the new 0225 variants discovered, we strongly recommend get a full dump of your drive before flashing it whenever you can (in order to be able to full dump you require the board has its SPI Flash Unlocked)..

Full Specification of Trident MX:

Trident MX by Team-maximus (AVAILABLE TODAY !!!)

We have this design produced long time ago, we were waiting to release in package with Winbond solution but due to the the latest leaks on the Macronix method we have choosen to release as is. It is Based on the Macronix Power trick , we have created a professional, safe, simple to use, and reusable tool.

The Trident MX tool will Unlock the Write-protected Lite-on Slim drives DG-16D4S that comes with a Macronix internal SPI Flash. Until recently locked drives where only found in the firmware’s 0225, 0401 and 1071, but the latest dashboard update (2.0.13599) has locked the 9504 drives with 0272 firmware, The Trident MX is a MUST have in your arsenal of weapons.

Combined with the POWER of Maximus Lizard (Gecko 1.16 and above) and in a few days supported by Jungleflasher, this is the perfect tool to do the job professionally and without hassle.

Forget about tricking the drive with unsafe methods of picking and choosing different resistors; We have an adjustable trimmer installed (Ships pre-set to proper value for optimum performance). There is no need to run a complex application to do the Macronix Unlock - Maximus Lizard does the magic for you.

The Trident MX is a tool designed for pro-modders but will be loved be even by the newest Modder !!

a) Designed to work with Macronix Power trick (requiring only 1 cut)
b) Precision controlled Shoot time; will not cause overheating of the Voltage Regulators
c) Automatic Control - "just push down” operation
d) Also support’s a manual mode with a simple button press
e) Retry system with automatic safe-tested time increments.
f) Adjustable resistor values (shipped pre-set to optimum performance)
g) The perfect companion tool for Lizard and Jungleflasher g) Shipped in a protective case for storage between uses

Note: This tool works only with Macronix SPI Flash. (For Winbond we are still developing a proper and safe solution to be announced at another time.)

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