CaH4e3 updated his site with the following message:
- Famicom Yarou 54 (Unl)[!]. Next. Quick note. Generic 45 mapper, now able to read whole PRG rom with my new equipment, so all games now working fine. You can try all galaxy of total rehacks of old known simple games.
- Garou Densetsu Special (Unl)[!]+ Garou Densetsu Special (Unl)[f1], Garou Densetsu Special (Unl)[a1][!]. Old known goodnes' dump of this game was overdumped and was originated from multigame cart, so there is fonts and 6-in-1 menu data left inside. One more time Pongbashi provided me with a original cartridge with unhacked game. Additionally, I found another version of original game on another hardware mapper. Both carts are copy protected. "(Unl)[!]" version (exactly it's hacked version now present in goodnes) protected with 3-in-1 mapper hardware, know as mapper 116 (also "AV Pretty Girl Fighting" uses it).
"(Unl)[a1][!]" version based on another protected hardware, known as mapper 187 with just a little difference. One of these carts are earlier version of others, both contains a lot of source codes and another garbage data insode ROM as padding. Both wokring on latest fceumm version.
In addition, "(Unl)[f1]" is fixed version from goodnes, with removed menus, and oversized PRG rom. Working fine on any emus too.
- Somari (SOMARI-W)(Unl)[!]+ Somari (SOMARI-P)(Unl)[!], Kart Fighter (SOMARI-W)(Unl)[!].
The rest of previously dumped but unemulated carts now known to be the same 116 mapper hardware carts (SOMARI Huang-1 hardware). So, they are now works fine as well as "Garou..." and "AV Girl". There are at least two versions of each cart should exist. So called SOMARI P and SOMARI W versions, difference in dip switches on GAL chip on each PCB. Not known for sure what the difference, but data inside them for sure different.
Now confirmed two "Somari" versions: P and W. For the rest of the games ("Garou" and "Kart") are W only dumps known. "AV Girl" still unconfirmed wether it W or P.
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