What started as a DS homebrew application has now turned into a licensed game.

Collecting Smiles, the company behind Colors!, have made the announcement of an official 3DS version available on the eShop.
Colors! 3D will not only have the features from the original, like online uploading and to watch a time lapse of your drawing, now you can paint in 3D and collaborate in real time with up to four friends.

Official announcement
Friends: we are happy and excited to announce Colors! 3D, coming this Fall to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. For the first time, artists will be able to create and view their own 3D paintings! We promise that you will love what you can do.

Colors! 3D will also offer real-time collaborative painting for up to four people using local Wi-Fi. Collaborative painting lets you paint with your friends with all the same depth you have when painting solo but with more fun!

Last but not least, the Colors! Gallery will be integrated into the application, making it easy to share your creations with the community and learn from your friends' techniques.

If you want to stay in the loop on the launch of Colors! 3D, sign up to our new mailing list at And thank you all for your support!
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