Fable developer Lionhead is apparently working on a fourth incarnation of the role-playing series.
That's according to US Official Xbox Magazine, which published the news in its rumours section (spotted by CVG).
"Look for the Fable cycle to continue with a proper, controller-based Fable 4 in 2013," the publication promised.
OXM also suggested Duke Nukem Forever developer Gearbox is working on Duke Begins, a reboot to go into production once "Aliens: Colonial Marines is done". It will run "at 30fps but with graphics that put id's own Rage to shame".
Microsoft-owned Lionhead took four years to turn around a sequel to the original Xbox's Fable, while the gap between Fable 2 and 3 was just two years.
A 2013 launch for Fable 4 allows time for the studio to squeeze out Kinect-enhanced Fable: The Journey, expected sometime next year.
Lionhead has already stated The Journey isn't Fable 4 - it's a more light-hearted, family orientatedtake on the fantasy series instead.
Eurogamer has been told the next Xbox will likely debut at E3 next year. Is Microsoft lining up Fable 4 as a launch title for its new console?