Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is set to feature a stereoscopic 3D mode on Xbox 360, Microsoft has announced.

CVG got a sneak peak at the mode at Gamescom last week, where new Halo house 343 Industries showed off the game's rebuilt Guilty Spark level with a pair of 3D glasses attached to our faces.

It's definitely one of the better 3D modes we've seen in action on current-gen consoles, with the chief's monstrously overpowered magnum recoiling out of the screen.

"If you've got the technology you definitely want to take advantage of it," said 343's Dennis Reis.

"Guilty Spark is a fun level to show 3D because you're in the jungle, you've got foliage going by, plasma bolts flying over your head... it's a fun way to increase the immersion of the game and again if you've got the technology, you definitely want to take advantage of it."

Halo joins a small - yet growing - list of 3D Xbox 360 games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Crysis 2 and just-announced addition Gears of War 3.