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Thread: Command and Conquer/Warcraft 2

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    Now, I'm sure these have been mentioned before. But, here I go. These should REALLY be ported. Everyone wants them. That is, everyone but people that know how to port them.

    Command and Conquer's semi-source code (freecnc) is found at To play it requires Command and Conquer files. Red Alert and some other olde C&C games work, too, though the readme says Red Alert isn't fully supported.

    Warcraft 2's semi-source code (Wargus) is found at To play it requires files from the Edition version of Warcraft 2.

    These are both sources that use non-included game files from the real games to play them. These aren't full source codes of the real games, but they're enough to port the games over to the PSP. I'm not so sure about freecnc, but Stratagus (the thing Wargus uses) apparently requires too much RAM for the PSP to handle. I don't know. Even so, freecnc ought to work. Come one, it's Command and Conquer. How demanding could it possibly be?

    So, who has mountains of time to kill!?

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    maybe you have the time..?
    but yes, it IS greatly needed but imagine red alert 2 withougt a wouldn't have time to blitzkrieg.

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    What are you talking about?
    This isn't about Red Alert 2.

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