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Thread: Sylverant PSO Patcher v1.0 Released!

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    Default Sylverant PSO Patcher v1.0 Released!


    I would like to announce the release of Sylverant PSO Patcher v1.0. What is this program, you may ask? It is a program that acts as a boot disc of sorts for the Dreamcast versions of PSO, and patches various aspects of them to work with private servers. It is designed to allow users to play PSO without using any sort of Codebreaker codes whether they use a BBA or dialup.

    In addition to being able to being able to connect with the versions of the game that have always been supported on the various private servers, Sylverant PSO Patcher can also patch the versions of the game that were unable to get online to work as well. That means that all the versions of PSO that have been unable to connect since Sega's Hunter's License server was taken down will now be able to connect once again. Finally, Sylverant PSO Patcher can also patch in support for the maps that Sega forgot about in PSOv2 (which are still on the disc, but the main binary cannot access them).

    For more information, see the news on the Sylverant site, and to download it, see the download page at the Sylverant project on Google Code.

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    Great news!!
    Admin of SEGA-DC.DE

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    Heh. I guess I forgot to post this here before the power went out at home. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, v1.1 has been released to fix the various in-game bugs that happened with v1.0.
    Sylverant PSO Server #dreamcastdev #dcemuuk #yabause #ljsdcdev

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