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    Default Cards Of Incantation v0.5d


    Cards Of Incantation, formally known as WagicDS, is a strategy Magic card game for the NDS. Please see the change log for more information about this update.

    Restarts the draft set of Magic cards for our NDS. Because of the problems it was causing her previous name (WagicDS), I decided to rename it so you can follow it without problems, to avoid possible accusations of plagiarism, use of "fame" and others.

    I'm using the letters of the 11th edition. I want to add more but to start using the latest (or at least the last of which I have knowledge).

    Use libraries NigthFox (nflib), so you will have to have to run your flashcard updated to run homebrews using these libraries or throw the tool hbmenu.

    QUOTE(Change Log (Google Translated))
    • The icons of the phases of the turn and run, turning red when you press for a short period of time (so let's not inadvertently phase).
    • Same press time improvement on the deck.

    Download and give feedback via comments
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