Team Maximus is proud to annouce their offering for making use of the recent discovery of the reset glitch hack released by GliGli.

The Maximus Stinger JTAG Add-on board.

These can be used in conjunction with the Maximus Nand Flasher kits but is not limited to those alone, the Stinger can also be used in conjunction with any other USB Nand flashing devices. While the full feature set for the Maximus Stinger is not yet announced rest assured the entire team is hard at work and production has already started, news on the full feature set will be coming soon and more info can be found on the maximus nandflasher website in the coming days.

Official resellers will start taking pre-orders soon so you will be able to pre-order you Maximus Stinger from your local reseller and get ready for a whole new world of JTAG.

GliGli, Tiros: Reverse engineering and hack development.
cOz: Reverse engineering, beta testing.
Razkar, tuxuser: beta testing.
cjak, Redline99, SeventhSon, tmbinc, anyone I forgot... : Prior reverse engineering and/or hacking work on the 360.
Official Site: